First and foremost, we are positive and thoughtful people with productive and quality minded attitudes.  We are experienced graphic designers, engineers and technology minded people, as well as 20 year project managers and professional installers.  All this means you'll have people working for you who are competent, who have character, and who connect with you:  We care about our work, and your space.

With our backgrounds, experiences and goals, we came together to provide a product and service we are proud of and to do it with integrity.  Our cause: bring life to walls everywhere.  We are happy to help connect:  business to customers, church to congregation, school to spirit and learning, and home to fun.

A Georgia Corporation
Locations: Atlanta and Athens
Operations: 770.465.3644 or 770.865.4685
Installations: 770.865.4138
Sales: 770.865.4097

“The Lifewalls installation crew has done an amazing job for us. Our murals always turn
out beautiful and that is why we repeatedly use them for all of our digital mural projects.”

-- Sherri Carrell, Russell Athletic

This is where you'll find communication about problems, solutions, and experiences.  Maybe you'll have a comment to share?  Our Blog-it pages are here.



Not New News: "Among employees, workspace personalization has also been found to be associated with enhanced environmental satisfaction, job satisfaction, psychological well-being, and employee morale as well as reduced turnover."

Brill et al., 1984; Sundstrom, 1986; Wells, 2000



A handful of designers and printers are surrounding clients in creativity—literally—by printing custom wallpaper on demand and transforming spaces with repeating patterns, 3D images and warped wall coverings., 1/1/2008


"...Many other companies are following suit, because when the messaging is right, visual imagery is the most immediate and compelling communication tactic. ..."

BIZVOICE, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Sun, Apr 26, 2009

"...Companies can no longer rely on cold stock images or dated photography to represent their brands. Instead they need fresh pictures that personify their new reputation..."

Business, AJC, Sun, Jun 14, 2009

Murals are increasing in popularity.  See these links (this text plus the URL below) to Apartment Therapy .com where folks (i.e. this person from San Francisco, CA) are entering their well placed wall murals into a national contest.

"...Many building and business owners are turning to having wall murals painted on large areas of their buildings (interior and exterior) for promotional and interior decoration purposes, and as a method to deter graffiti..."



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